Our Pets

Most of you who know us, know that we love our two pets, Nala and Fiona (and Milly might be boarderline obsessed).  Since they are such a big part of our life we wanted to ensure they get proper attention on our site.

Nala:  Nala is the original princess and has been ever since Milly brought her home in 2001.  Nala is an all-white cat and has always been very much in charge of our house.  She is currently learning how to live with her new sister Fiona who just wants to play!



Fiona: Fiona is the newest addition to our family.  She is a cute wrinkly english bulldog that has just wiggled her way into our hearts since she joined our family on January 28, 2012.



Here are a few videos of the pets:

  • Fiona Wiggles
  • Fiona’s Dolphin Cry

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