About Us


The day Harry and Milly met…to think we had just met a few hours ago when this picture was taken. 

This blog is the uncensored* adventures of BD Harry (Mike) and BD Milly (Heather).  We met in Washington, DC on a typical beautiful, hot and sunny day on the National Mall during the summer of 2005.  Both of us were freshly out of college, Mike an intern/apprentice just figuring out a way not to have to move back to CT and Heather working her way up the ladder in a trade association’s marketing/web department.  The two of us joined our friend’s kickball team to meet some new people in a new city…yes,we met playing kickball.  The first night we met was almost as if we were friends for decades catching up…7 years later we’re moving on to the next stages of our lives.  We got engaged in January, got our bulldog Fiona 1 week later and just bought a house in Arlington, VA!  But, starting this website is our biggest step yet!

The two of us love to have fun and try something new, but sometimes our opinion of fun is not the same as our friends, hence earning the name BD (Bad Decision) Harry and Milly – even though Milly isn’t a rule breaker!  If you’re one of our family members, friends, or just someone lucky enough to stumble upon our website, hopefully over the lifetime of this blog we will post content about our daily lives that you will enjoy reading and also some content that is actually useful.

*except in circumstance that Heather deems a censorship is appropriate


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