Well we did it…Mike and I are officially homeowners!  On August 6, 2012 we closed on our new house in Arlington, VA.  We are so excited and blessed that we now own a house within a few blocks of a metro in Arlington!

Closing on our new home

Signing the final papers for the purchase of our new home!

We got the keys to the empty house about 2.5 weeks before we move in on September 17, so we’ve been very busy painting, renovating the kitchen, buying new appliances, and trying to make the house feel like home.  Luckily this beautiful house, built in 1950, didn’t need a ton of work, and Mike and I have only been working on cosmetic enhancements.  We will post some of the before and after pictures so you can see what we’ve been working on!

New House

Our New House – Isn’t she cute?


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